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The Readers Take More than
I accept your invitation to determine the National Leaguers inside the 1955 All-Star Game (Marvelous Globe, July 7). They are: Willie Mays (five), Fred Haney (6), Duke Snider (7), Ted Kluszewski (eight), Leo Durocher (9), Don Newcombe (ten), Gil Hodges (11), Robin Roberts (12), Ernie Banks (13), Randy Jackson (14), Gene Baker (15),Christian Louboutin Uk Outlet, Red Schoendienst (16).
?A hearty Pat on the Back to Mr. Forsyth for correctly identifying the All-Stars for the ideal of property plate above; also to Messrs. Alert readers readily spotted the Phillies' Robin Roberts within a Milwaukee warmup jacket, but missed Leo Durocher. The clue; white button on his cap,Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes Uk, a substantial feature of your Giants' headgear. But highest honors must visit SPORTS ILLUSTRATBD'S own Chicago marketing salesmen who pooled their expertise to come up with the only right identification of your triumvirate towards the left: Umpire Bill Summers (three),Christian Louboutin Outlet Uk, Bat Boy Paul Wick (2) and Ball Boy Dave Williams (four).-ED.
A 21-Roman candle salute for the holiday recipe,Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, Frankfurters Flamb (SI, July 7). My family members loved it-and I enjoyed cooking it. Now please permit me to give to you my personal particular frankfurter treat.
Boil three frankfurters and put by means of a food chopper. Then reduce up 1 sizeable onion and put by way of the chopper (this really should make quantity equal to the hot dog mix). Moisten the mixture by adding mayonnaise and mustard and/or a smaller quantity of horse-radish. A dash of Worcestershire sauce is wonderful, too, as are several chopped black olives. Spread on Melba toast rounds. Makes a delicious hors d'oeuvre.
A particular hip-hip-hooray to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED for carrying the evolution in the favorite dog one particular step farther! The scrumptious image,Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100, those scrumptious recipes!
Now my loved ones cheers me for the sizzling Frankfurters Flamb I delivered for the holidays.
West Boylston, Mass.
I am willing to place up together with your fashions as well as your recipes, but when I see a full-page colour image of a hot dog after which find out that your next week's cover story is "Educating Your Dog at Residence," I am prepared to get in touch with it quits.
Content HAMS
Bill Leonard's The Battle with the Hams (SI, June 30) is definitely an oasis in a desert of misinformation published in nonham magazines. Hams will doff their headphones to SPORTS ILLUSTRATED and Leonard for combining on the most readable piece on the hobby noticed anywhere outside of publications devoted to it.
Any ham who has ever battered his way by means of a DX contest can thank Leonard for creating it all seem plausible, exciting and even reasonable-something couple of amateurs can ever achieve with their neighbors,Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk, good friends and wives in describing the miserable ecstasy of a DX contest.
Greater than that, Leonard's piece is most likely the initial faithful account written for the uninitiated that can be read by hams everywhere devoid of wincing.
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