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pitas are yummy
neondisease livejournal
I was browing webpages today and I stumbled on this. I was all, "neondisease My old friend went by that!" and then I was all, "my gay ass friend also had purple hair like that!" and then I was like, "and he was so terribly vain he would put his own photo in a strip down the side like that!" so poked around and yes! it was my old #comicbooks chum, spaCeb0y! I had the biggest crush on him, but he had the hots for some fourteen year old with shaved eyebrows. Very sad.
Went to the flea market today, bought about ten adverts, an old polaroid and celine nano bag a commodore 64. Shameful small scanner, the adverts are too big to scan properly, but there are a couple of gems (imho, of course ). May splice them together later. Haven tried to hook up the c64 yet, either. Busy afternoon. Watched Three Kings, was a lot better than expected, even though I spent half the movie trying to spot Mark(y Mark and the Funky Bunch) third nipple. I kept seeing commercials for AccessAir on television (and hearing them on the radio) so I gave them a call, only to be told they didn have an itinerary and that they hoped to have one by the following Monday or Tuesday. Apparently despite the number of billboards and adverts saying, "Fly locally! AccessAir to [city of choice]", we not getting it.
A funny article, about a cougar in jeremy scott shoes the cemetary about a mile away from my house, on the trail I used cheap mulberry bags to run. my brother just read it and said "this guy a moron". First, AllRecipes, now Dean and Deluca. Oh! And Williams-Sonoma, one of jeremy scott my personal favorite sites. This is what happens when you watch those cooking jeremy scott adidas shows on PBS all jeremy scott shoes morning!
Speaking of which, I was watching a show called "Mexico, One Dish cheap mulberry handbags at a Time" and they made a rice/milk drink (and cinnamon and almonds) with a fruit sauce (he used raspberry). I didn write down the recipe because I assumed it would be at the PBS website, but it not. I don even know what it called! If you do, let me know. She very funny! And she started girlboy, where lots of people submit jordan for sale their ideal list. Also through her, I found Kuinileti, outbox and Garcia. isabel marant And through outbox I found badjuju, who held me captivated for hours. And that like, four diaries, right EXCEPT THERE ARE SO MANY MORE! Like dozens! DOZENS OF GOOD DIARIES! I haven jordan 11 time to read jordans for sale jeremy scott shoes all of these, because celine luggage mini I just got a job, but still. I want to be in this diaryland clique!
(more diaryland diaries I found: grim, malice, and rhetoric but also more, god, so many diaries. Everyone who knows me knows that I am an absolute sucker for vintage handbags and eyeglasses, so this places was the most awesome ever.
WELL THEN! I found this little zine thing they do, and it positively hilarious! Like, here:
"In the shallowest of terms, your man is one of your main
And, "Now we move right along to the eBay seller who has never owned a purse more expensive than a Liz Claiborne pleather bag but took it upon herself to sell the entire contents of her Aunt Mable house in Duluth, Minnesota."
and "eBay is like an AOL nike air max 90 cheap chat room. You have a seemingly professional seller with an alleged English Literature degree and a model with a decent body wearing Issey Miyake clothes in what looks like a nice house. The reality is, you got a sweaty, middle-aged woman who never leaves her house, sitting at her computer with a scanner and an ashtray that is piled as high as Mount Fuji. Behind her is a pile of clothes isabel marant sale from The Disabled Veterans store and she frantically sewing in vintage designer labels that she bought from yet another sweaty seller on eBay. If you could actually SEE half of the people that are trying to sell you fabulous clothing, it would be enough to make you want to wear nothing but J. Crew for the rest of your life.", mulberry factory outlet from the same page.
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